Corporate Wellness

Participants in our workplace programs have noticed… 

a more calm & peaceful atmosphere throughout the office, increased focus & productivity, and reduced stress levels.

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All of these classes work in standard conference room set-up.

Lunchtime Chair Yoga

45 minutes to 1 hour.  Open to men and women.  Minimum 4 sessions per month.

Meditation & Mindfulness Training

45 minutes to 1 hour.  Open to men and women.  Minimum 4 sessions per month.

Prenatal/Postpartum Chair Yoga and Childbirth Education

1 hour session consists of 45 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of childbirth education.  Open to women.  Minimum 4 sessions per month.

Couples Childbirth Education and Comfort Measures for Birth Class

1 hour session.  Open to women or couples.  Minimum 4 sessions, 2 per month.

 At Our Studio

If you don’t have a large enough space to host classes on-site or just want to let your team get out of the office for a bit, we can host your team at our studio over the lunch hour or at a time that works for you.

Prenatal/Postpartum Full Service Package

45 min-1 hour session.  Open to pregnant women, women trying to conceive, or women within 2 years postpartum.  This package includes alternating Cardio&Strength and Yoga classes, including a 15 minute childbirth education segment in each session.  Minimum 4 sessions per month.

Women’s Wellness Package

45 min-1 hour session.  Open to women of all ages and stages of life.  Choose from Cardio&Strength training or Flow Yoga.  Both options include pelvic floor and core work.  Minimum 4 sessions per month.

Pelvic Floor Restore for Women’s Pelvic Health

2 sessions per week – 1 hr 15 min each for 8 weeks.  Open to women of all ages and stages of life.  This program can take place at your office or our studio.  Min 4/ Max 12 per session. Learn more about Pelvic Floor Restore.

Don’t see something that meets the needs of your team?  Contact us!  We will create a custom program to get your team motivated & excited about fitness!

Benefits of an effective Corporate Wellness Program

1.  Supporting the women on your team, before and after pregnancy, may help retain them as employees and help them to be more productive.  Recent research at Harvard shows that women are better managers than men – what a great reason to keep them happy & healthy!

2.  “…Companies that perform best financially have the greatest numbers of women in leadership roles”(Forbes).  In order to help develop the women on your team into excellent leaders, make sure they have quality opportunities to maintain physical wellness. 

3.  Studies suggest that yoga in the workplace may reduce healthcare costs due to reductions in back pain (one of the most common reasons people miss work), stress & depression.

See some of the research here…

Yoga for Health by NCCAM 

Yoga at Work May Relieve Stress and Back Pain


Evidence-based research is revealing what many companies have already discovered: meditation, mindfulness training, and yoga improve employee mental and physical health. In today’s increasingly competitive workplace, these programs support your employees to successfully face the daily challenges and demands of their positions. –