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IMG_2519Julie Summers is a DONA-trained birth doula.

She is also certified in Spinning Babies, belly mapping and fetal positioning techniques.

“My philosophy of doula care is simple: I trust women, I trust their bodies, and I trust their choices. It’s not my job to make or even influence their decisions. It’s my job to help them be informed enough to make their own.

Being a mother of 3 grown sons, and having 3 different birthing experiences (including 2 VBAC’s) I approach each birth, each mother and each father with individual care.  I consider each birth a sacred and holy moment.”

To inquire about doula packages and availability:

Your insurance may allow you to use FLEX BENEFITS to pay for doula services.

Birth Doula Package

  • Initial consultation is always free.
  • Unlimited phone and email contact from date of hire to answer your questions and offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy and early labor.
  • 2-3 comprehensive prenatal home visits to assess your needs and desires for birth, define and understand our expectations of one another, and provide you with useful tools for labor and birth.
  • 1 comprehensive postpartum home visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and answer any questions you have during the early postpartum period.
  • Assistance writing birth plan to help you clarify your preferences for birth and explain the options that are available to you.
  • Pain management/relaxation techniques (breathing, birth ball, hydrotherapy, massage, positioning).
  • Information and education around possible interventions.
  • Suggestions to ease some of the discomforts of pregnancy & postpartum.
  • Support of partner so that he/she may best support birthing mother.
  • Continuous physical and emotional support for you and your partner for the duration of labor and birth.
  • Initial breastfeeding support immediately after birth to help your baby latch on properly and encourage the establishment of breastfeeding.
Private yoga sessions or personal training available for an additional fee.


Testimonial from Amy

My husband and I hired Julie Summers to provide her services as a doula for the birth of my first child in November, 2014. Julie made herself available to us throughout my pregnancy, meeting with us to discuss labor and delivery options and my goals for the pregnancy, as well as via phone and e-mail, at any time. My husband and I felt comfortable with, and nurtured by Julie from our very first meeting together. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meetings as Julie was always engaging and provided insightful wisdom which helped to further shape my goals for the upcoming labor.

Julie came to our home and provided comfort during the tedious late night hours. She worked with me to help me find comfortable positions to labor in and offered welcome relief for my husband who was able to rest while she worked with me. During active labor, Julie’s strength was a welcome relief when mine was waning. She never wavered in her ability to steady and comfort me. She took charge when the situation demanded direction in a way that was never authoritative or commanding, but always comforting and supportive. Julie guided me through labor by suggesting laboring positions that aided in the progression of my labor which provided a source of mental strength for me.

Julie’s knowledge of the birthing process was beyond valuable as multiple, unforeseen interventions were needed during my labor. Julie’s calm demeanor and ability to explain each option to us in a clear and concise manner eliminated much of the potential distress in an already stressful situation.

Without Julie’s knowledge, strength, and nurturing my labor would have required significantly more interventions and would have been a significantly more stressful experience for myself and my husband. I cannot sing her praises highly enough as her support enabled me to have the best possible labor and delivery I could have imagined.


Testimonial from Renee

As we labored at home and then at the hospital,  Julie helped keep us calm and on task with what was happening. She probably has no idea the comfort I found in having her with us as I labored.  She encouraged my husband and myself as things became a little harder and I became a little more frightened. She really helped to keep me focused, grounded and encouraged me to trust myself and my body. Towards the time that the baby should have been coming my contractions slowed way down. She encouraged us to try different methods to jump start labor, reminded us why we were there and to just embrace one another. Once labor started up again she was there to really help me finish with pushing and bringing our beautiful and amazing son into this world. She was the RIGHT support person for us and we consider her to have been God sent to us for bringing Tate into this world. I believe that having her there kept me focused and realistic of what I wanted in the birth of our baby. She is the best Doula we could have found.


Testimonial from Ashley

Julie was the first (and only doula) that I spoke to when I found out I was pregnant. She met with my husband and I and did a great job of explaining what a doula does and what her role in our birth/labor story would be. I knew I wanted to hire a doula after having a pretty traumatic birth with my first son. I had a C-section that I feel could have been prevented had my husband and I been more prepared for what labor entails, and had we had the right support to get us through the process. So, when we found out we were expecting our second child I asked around for suggestions from people I knew were familiar with doulas in the area; Julie’s name kept coming up. I knew when we met Julie that she was the right doula for us. She has a wonderful, calming presence, but is still tough and focused and no nonsense. She talked to us about the statistics surrounding C-sections and how to avoid another one. She explained the vaginal birth process, which was still unfamiliar to us because we hadn’t experienced it with our first son, and answered all of our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. She stressed that the birth partner’s role is very important and that a lot of dads aren’t sure what to do when labor begins. Before I went into labor we went over ways my husband could help me through labor, and when I went into labor she helped me so that he could care for our two year old until we went to the hospital. When we got to the hospital Julie made sure that my husband remembered how to massage my back, and when he got pushed to the side by the nurses, Julie, literally, physically brought him back to me. She coached him in what to do to help me through contractions and really empowered him to be as involved in the process as he could be. She even encouraged him to help catch the baby – which he would have done had he had time to get gloves on!

Julie was an enormous help when it came to communicating what I wanted to the nurses and doctors. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted out of this birth, but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget, or be persuaded into making different choices. She reminded me of what my goals for the birth were, but was also supportive when I decided I wanted an epidural after swearing that I wouldn’t get one. She was there when we needed her, but was great at stepping back and letting us have space when we needed it. She also took pictures for us without being asked which was amazing because it let my husband focus on me and the baby, and we got some great pictures of all three of us after he was born. At our follow-up appointment she filled in some of the gaps in my memory of the birth and we had a good laugh at how quickly the baby came after I started pushing – the doctor didn’t even make it into the room!

I wholeheartedly recommend having a doula present when you give birth. It took all of the pressure of my husband and I knowing that we had someone with us who knew what was going on and was there to support us. I also wholeheartedly recommend Julie be the doula you have with you during your birth and labor. She is passionate about the birthing process, and making sure that the mother and partner are fully supported. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my second birth experience and that’s because I had such a great doula to help me.


Testimonial from Ryan (a father’s perspective)

I was a bit suspect at first, because I thought I was a big man and could handle whatever came my way but the more I got into the birth and parenting classes, the more I understood that no matter how much I read and saw, I still wouldn’t be able to recall that information quickly when the time came; and when the time comes, you will need help, there is no question about it.

From a husband perspective, my wife and I felt my role in the birth would be to comfort and translate how Michelle was doing to the Doula before Doula support was required. As a doula supports birthing mothers all the time, and I’ve never done it, it provided some level of comfort that in a time of need that someone with a wide experience could help decipher some of the things Michelle was feeling into something that made sense to me.

Another big point I noticed while Michelle was laboring was that I was more concerned with her contraction times and comfort than I was about helping the labor move forward by encouraging new and effective positions, stretches and rest periods. Once Julie stepped in the door after about 8 hours of laboring, there was a feeling of calm and understanding. She helped us along and ensured us that some things were perfectly normal and even a good thing. Michelle’s water broke 2 hours later with the help of some efficient positions and stretching, and we had the baby 3 hours later.

Once at the hospital, Julie was the buffer. I was in a panic and concerned about Michelle and was in no way ready to make decisions on what to do or not, and I would have done pretty much whatever the doctor said, because peer pressure you know. Julie communicated with the doctors and nurses, explaining where Michelle was at, what the birth plan was, how Michelle wanted to push, etc. I don’t know that I could have done that – I was a bit in shock of everything and was a bit stupefied really (not proud of that).

After all said and done, having a doula was the right choice for us (absolutely without question the right choice for me), and we’ve already told Julie that she will be with us for any other future babies.

I guess the takeaway is that with a doula you are now equipped with a person with deep knowledge of something you know little to nothing about (1st time dads anyway). Julie can help you in times of uncertainty and doubt, and it is worth every penny