Pelvic Floor Restore

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The LAST session of Pelvic Floor Restore for this year begins on Tuesday, June 20th at 7pm.  Register now!

You may be able to use your FLEX benefits, HSA or receive insurance reimbursement for this program.  

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 pregnancy Omaha Nebraska mom leaks incontinence postpartum recovery pelvic floor health women's menopause running bladder problems small bladder pee pants after childbirth leaks depends adult diapers kegels physical therapy birthI was a runner before becoming pregnant but the embarrassment of leaking with my new postpartum body was so overwhelming and such a confidence buster, I quit running… Then I met Julie…  – Arica

Pelvic Floor Restore

is a low impact fitness and educational program that Julie developed.  The program combines a pelvic strengthening regimen, an invigorating total body workout, and valuable education all into one. Pelvic Floor Restore focuses first on strengthening the three powerful muscle areas that support and stabilize the lower spine and pelvis (the transverse abdominal, the multifidus and the pelvic floor muscles). The program includes properly performed Kegel exercises with other important exercises to promote healing, restore muscle tone and improve bladder control. At the same time, with consistent workouts, you’re likely to see a flatter tummy and you may also enjoy wonderful sexual benefits with increased control and circulation in the pelvic area.

Participants will also benefit from the valuable educational component in which you will be able to learn about pelvic anatomy, what is here and why you need to care, what can go wrong and why, as well as information about various treatment options. This includes tips on diet, a discussion about options such as medication, biofeedback , devices and surgery, plus information on related topics like nutrition, sex, and potty habits. Whether your goal is fitness, wellness or prevention, women of all ages, life stages, and fitness levels can now improve flexibility, posture, strength and take control of their lives with the Pelvic Floor Restore program!

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Many women don’t leak urine, but this program also helps:

  • Improve bladder control
  • Recover after childbirth
  • Flatten abs & recover core strength
  • Sleep more soundly and more comfortably at night
  • Improve sex and orgasms
  • Strengthen posture and balance

Upcoming Sessions

The next Pelvic Floor Restore session begins on Tuesday, June 20th at 7pm!  Class will meet every Tuesday & Thursday for 8 weeks.

Dates: Tuesday & Thursday from June 20th-August 15th (no class on Tuesday, July 4th)

Time: 7-8.15pm

Location: Mommy Fitness Studio

Cost for Omaha Session: $275  (Less than $18 per class!)

*You may be able to use your FLEX benefits, HSA or receive insurance reimbursement for this program.  

Check with your insurance provider.*

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I struggled with stress incontinence not after the birth of baby number two, but with my first!!! I had been living with it secretly for three and a half years. I was a runner before becoming pregnant but the embarrassment of leaking with my new postpartum body was so overwhelming and such a confidence buster, I quit running.  All the enjoyment was gone every time I soaked through. I tried physical therapy but gave up on it. I tried a Kegel app but ignored the reminders. Everyone I talked to brushed it off like it was just a mom problem and totally normal. Then I met Julie. She understood the quality of life I was missing. I’m so much more aware of my body and what it needs now. I am finally running dry again for the first time in three and a half years! The excitement the first run was so much that I wanted to shout to all the passers-by and point to my shorts and say, “See!?!? Still dry!”

… I wanted more people to know what a big deal this is. Three and a half years of restructuring my life around bathroom locations and squatting in the trees to avoid leaking while running. Serious quality of life upgrade.

Deborah (54 years old)

“The program has helped me immensely.  Being in a class is with other ladies (with similar symptoms) was wonderful. The camaraderie and joking created quite a bond…  It gives you power, because you have the control. I am a MS patient and I’ve also noticed that since taking the program, my balance has improved significantly…I’m not all the way at the top yet, but I think I’ll get there. It’s a really good program.”


“I can honestly say that since I started the class 4 weeks ago…I haven’t had any leakage at all. For me….it would just catch me off guard, like if I sneezed or sneezed the 2nd time. It was never the 1st time, always the 2nd time; I could never control what happened with that and I haven’t had any leakage at all since I started the class . So, it makes me feel more confident I can do some active things, some I quit doing, because I had those problems.”

Sandy (50 years old, first session)

“Keep getting the message out. Some of us thought, ‘well I guess I will have to live like this,’ and now we know that with exercise we can improve our life. Thanks again”

Catherine (75 years old, third session)

“I’ve noticed a number of really good things since I’ve started the program. Number 1, I don’t need to go to the bathroom when I go shopping; I can wait till I get home. Number 2, when I cough or sneeze, I can catch it before I leak. Number 3, even when I drink ice tea before bedtime, I can sleep through the night; I don’t have to get up at 5:30 and go to the bathroom. I stand taller and straighter; my shoulders are more square; it’s easier to get off the floor. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done in years.”


It was so great to meet with other women of all ages and be able to discuss these problems openly. The exercises really have made a difference and I feel empowered in ways I have never felt before. To know that I actually have the power to make some changes feels great.”