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Pregnant moms will need to attend our free Prenatal Orientation and provide a signed Physicians/Caregiver’s Clearance Form before coming to classes.  Read the Par-Q forms below for safe exercise guidelines.

Physician’s Clearance Form (00277462xAF102)   PAR-Q Pregnancy


Clearance Form Waived: Women receiving prenatal care at the Midwife’s Place in Bellevue, Nebraska no longer need to present a Caregiver’s Clearance form. Please let Julie know when you attend Prenatal Orientation.



They will be with you during one of the most important moments in your life. Ask care providers these questions to help you decide if they are a good fit for you and your family.

Prenatal Orientation

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Every pregnant mom needs to attend orientation before attending her first class. This is a time to meet personally with owner Julie Summers, turn in the signed physician/caregiver’s release form and get pertinent information about exercise during pregnancy. If you are not able to attend the scheduled class, contact Julie Summers for a one-on-one appointment. This class is free and meets on Saturdays. Check the schedule for times. Register ahead as you would for a regular class.


Physician’s Clearance Form (00277462xAF102)      Read PAR-Q Pregnancy for safe exercise guidelines.

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Just wanted to let you know that we delivered a beautiful baby girl last Monday… a couple days after my last prenatal yoga class with you! The delivery went better than I ever thought possible & I just wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for the education & training you’ve provided these last few months.  Thank you for your insight & wisdom.  Thank you for the classes that helped prepare my body physically for the birthing process.  I know it made a huge difference!  ~Terry C.