Physical Therapy

Postural Restoration Therapy

We’re finding more and more each day that posture and alignment are the foundation of pain-free, active living.  Because of the world we live in (driving in cars, sitting at desks) – everyone can benefit from improved posture and alignment.  Many women (especially during & after pregnancy) feel the effects of asymmetry.  We are lucky to have some excellent postural therapists in Omaha to help us learn how to live and MOVE better.

Specialized Physical Therapy

Jodi Reerink, PT, PRC has 26 years of experience and completed the Postural Restoration Certification in 2010.  She is passionate about helping people learn to move well and live active lives that are pain-free.  She works as the only postural therapist in a team that specializes in post-injury/post-surgical athletes.  We love her energy and are excited to have her as part of our extended care team.  Specialized Physical Therapy

Restore Physical Therapy

Ryan Hruska, DPT, PRC and Kurt Weidaur, DPT, PRC provide their clients with education about what causes asymmetry and dysfunction while helping them to learn new ways of moving and being.  Restore Physical Therapy is the only exclusive Postural Restorative Therapy practice in Omaha.  Restore Physical Therapy 

Traditional Physical Therapy

Many women experience pelvic pain, painful scar tissue, or severe pelvic floor disorders as a result of pregnancy.  If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, do not suffer in silence.  There is help.  All physical therapy practices listed here specialize in women’s pelvic health and can help you get on the road to recovery.  When you and your physical therapist decide you are ready, your therapist may recommend that you transition back into a full exercise routine with our Pelvic Floor Restore program and continue on into our group classes.

Midwest Physical Therapy Services

Cheryl Wisinski, PT, DPT, WCS is a licensed physical therapist and owner of Midwest Physical Therapy Services. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Women’s Health.  Dr. Wisinski has received specialized training in manual therapy techniques for the spine and pelvis, as well as certification in lymphedema drainage and orthotics casting. She has spent over 15 years specializing in Women’s Health.  Their office is conventiently located just up the way from our studio in Gold Circle.   Midwest Physical Therapy Services

Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center

Kelly Behney, PT and Michelle Shellhaas, PT, DPT care about their patients’ quality of life.  We hear great things from our clients who have worked with them.  From help recovering pelvic floor strength to dealing with incision pain after C-sections, they can help you.  We are proud to have them as partners in care!  Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center