Mommy Fitness is your best resource for safe prenatal/postpartum exercise, pelvic health, and diastasis recti rehab.  We want to partner with you in your efforts to keep women in our communities healthy.

Safety of mother and child are our top priority.  We require all prenatal/postpartum clients to present a doctor’s release before participating in any of our programs.  Each prenatal client undergoes a Prenatal Orientation with Julie to determine her level of fitness and any special considerations the client may require.

Our fitness professionals have been nationally certified in some or all of these prenatal  and fitness areas:  Healthy Mom’s Fitness,  Prenatal Yoga,  Dancing for Birth,  Personal Training, and the Pelvic Floor Restore Program for Pelvic Health.

Please browse our site for a listing of classes offerings.  We would love to have you sit in (or participate) at one of our classes so you can experience our work and philosophy firsthand.  Please contact us to schedule your visit.

We are also happy to provide an information packet, brochures and coupons for your office.  If you or anyone from your practice would like more information, we would love to meet with you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Julie Summers, Owner

 Research and Reviews