To Know is To Know/ Total Control® Program

To Know is To Know (formerly the Women’s Health Foundation) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving women’s pelvic health and wellness by:
  • Driving cutting-edge research initiatives
  • Developing and offering community-based education and fitness programs
  • Fostering conversation and creating communities for women and girls
  • Serving as a national resource on pelvic wellness issues

Today, To Know is To Know is made up of individuals united in their goal — to bring pelvic health and wellness to all women. We are committed to ending what is often a sisterhood of silence by empowering women to join a sisterhood of strength. As the nation’s most visible and passionate champion of women’s pelvic health issues, we connect, educate, and enable women and girls to live fuller, more active lives.

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Julie Summers, the founder and owner of Mommy Fitness, is the only Total Control Master Trainer currently in the state of Nebraska. She has travelled throughout the country training hospital staff how to teach the Total Control program to their patients. If you are interested in becoming a certified Total Control instructor or Total Control facility (hospitals, medical practices), please contact us for details.

For more information on To Know is To Know, and their most current research on pelvic health: Learn more here.