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Finding Your Tribe

I don’t like the word tribe. Every time I see a meme on Facebook (gasp…even on the Mommy Fitness page) that tells me to “find my tribe,” my stomach turns over just a little. I don’t like the word tribe. I’m not a tribal girl... But then again, maybe I am.

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hygee self-care restorative yoga

3 Ways to Find a Little Hygee in Your Day

Hygee. Kinda looks like hygiene, which would be good to incorporate in your life too, but it’s not that word. (As moms we all know it can be easy to get so busy you forget about yourself, while taking care of littles.) But we’re not talking about hygiene. So what is hygee? It is finding pleasure in the simple things in life and embracing the moment.  It’s about connection with yourself and those around you.

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work life career family balance

“Work-Life-Family Balance” from an Entrepreneur

I started my first company before having children. When you're Type A like me, it just comes natural to work 60-80 hours per week to make it happen. Then my son was born. So the first Work-Life-Family balance I experienced was my maternity leave. From then on, it was time to get on with it, and pretend like my entire life wasn't just upturned by becoming a parent.

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mom and baby new mom nutrition for new mom

Nutrition for the New Mom: 5 Priorities for the Postpartum Partners

What if I told you that there are some cultures that give a new mom the respect and reverence she deserves? I don’t have to tell you that we are NOT living in one of those cultures. With so much going on during this postpartum window, it’s important for a support team to keep a new mom’s body nourished so she can navigate all this “newness.”

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happy new year new years resolutions 2017

4 simple things to make 2017 your best year ever

Every year around this time the conversation turns to bettering ourselves - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. But it can be daunting and many resolutions soon fall by the wayside. Here are 4 simple things we can all do to make 2017 our best, healthiest and most balanced year yet.

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big girls can do yoga can fat women do yoga plus size yoga omaha restorative yoga workshops how to start first timers beginning yoga classes

yoga for EVERY body

If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of going to a yoga class, I totally feel you.

I didn’t think I had “a yoga body.” I’m not in great shape & I buy my yoga leggings in the plus-size section. And I most certainly can’t to a headstand (frankly, I don’t have any desire to!)

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Three Things you Didn't Know About Kegals

Three Things you Didn’t Know About Kegals

When most women think of pelvic floor health, there’s one word that comes to mind: Kegals. Whether it be to strengthen during pregnancy, to alleviate incontinence issues, or to improve sexual health, I’m sure all of us have attempted Kegals at some point in time, but how much do you actually know about these little exercises?

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Maternity leave advice: put off al your to-dos

How to Make the Most of Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is a hot button topic right now. How much time women get off, how they are compensated, and the attitudes around company culture are all being talked about daily. But regardless of where you stand on maternity leave, I think one thing unites all of us - we want to make the most of our time with our babies!

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Upcoming event in Omaha: Sex, Chocolate, and Your Pelvic Floor

Upcoming Event: Sex, Chocolate, and Your Pelvic Floor

From the bedroom to the bathroom, women of all ages have questions about "down there.” Sex, Chocolate and Your Pelvic Floor aims to educate women on sexual health and bathroom habits in a fun, relaxed environment all while raising funds for the Women's Health Foundation, an organization we truly believe in here at Mommy Fitness!

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Is bladder leakage normal?

Is Bladder Leakage Normal?

Is bladder leakage normal? Commercials on TV these days and rows upon rows of convenience store aisles filled with incontinence products would lead you to believe it is! But believe it or not, bladder leakage is NOT just "part of being a woman."

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Ball BEAT at Mommy Fitness Omaha Thursdays at 2pm starting April 7

Ball Beat Fitness for Omaha Moms and Kids

Looking for a fitness class that is safe & fun for you and your older child to do together? The brand new Ball Beat class at Mommy Fitness is one hour of energetic drumming to kid-friendly music, giving you the opportunity to bond while moving in a way that feels good!

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Important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a prenatal care provider in Omaha

Choosing a Prenatal Care Provider in Omaha

Choosing a care provider is one of the biggest decisions a woman can make in terms of how her pregnancy and birth will proceed. As a result, many moms feel immense pressure to choose the right kind of professional support for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum needs. If you’re looking for a prenatal care provider here in Omaha, there are a few key steps you can take to make the process easier!

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birth well

March Birth Well Workshop

This Sunday, we'll be hosting our first Birth Well Workshop, and it's going to be an amazing event! Julie has pulled together THREE HOURS of wonderful information to teach pregnant mamas how to work WITH her body and her baby.

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resource corner

Resource Corner: Nobody Ever Told Me (or my mother) That!

The Mommy Fitness community is a wealth of information no matter what stage of motherhood you're in. Whether you're expecting your first child or getting ready to send your last kiddo off to preschool, we have the resources and support to help you every step of the way!

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mommy and me mommy fitness omaha

Mommy & Me Classes Starting March 1

There's no way around it, motherhood is challenging! As our kids grow, each age and stage brings about new challenges, stresses, worries, and questions. The journey of motherhood can be isolating, but the good news is that we don't have to do it alone!

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Meet Joanna: Behind the Blog

Hello mamas! There are some exciting changes coming to Mommy Fitness this Spring. New classes, new workshops, and even a few new team members! This is where I come in - my name is Joanna, and I'll be joining the Mommy Fitness crew behind the blog!

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couples having a baby omaha nebraska childbirth education classes recommendations hypnobabies birth boot camp

2 Reasons you should stop listening to other birth stories

They are all over the internet - Facebook, Pinterest, blogs. And every time you walk through Target, strangers see you belly and feel compelled to share the birth story of every woman they know.

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mom workout postpartum recovery pregnancy exercise bring kids to the gym childcare at the gym kids welcome in class with mom

4 Things I love about my job: a post by Lynn

For those of us who work full-time, outside of the home - it can be easy to become dissatisfied with the day to day of the business world. But...

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resources for Omaha moms Omaha area mental health resources breastfeeding support lactaction consultants momy support groups pumping when you go back to work postpartum depsression anxiety i think i'm going crazy stressed out mom needs help help for omaha area families where to find mental health support for women moms new moms can i breastfeed? breast pumps nursing bras

Featured Resources for Families

With our new check-in/sale station we've got a great spot to feature local resources for Omaha families!

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share positive birth stories to help other moms Omaha Nebraska support for pregnant women what helped me in my birth having an empowered birth selfie video contest

Your Selfie Video Could Help Another Mom

One of the best parts of what we do is hearing your empowered birth stories. We share them in class and over coffee. But what would happen if we shared them with even more Omaha moms?

You know hearing positive stories from other moms helped you so much during your pregnancy. They helped you gain the confidence you needed. Pass that on to another mom by sending us a short selfie video.

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prenatal yoga west omaha pregnant yoga pregnancy classes for moms new moms first time moms how to have a better birth scared of giving birth support for moms support for women how to give birth how to have a better birth experience things to do to improve birth prepare for a new baby fit pregnancy working out during pregnancy exercise safety during pregnancy

Even more of what you love about Prenatal Yoga with Julie…

Our moms say it all the time. "I've never been to a prenatal yoga class like this before."

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PPD postpartum depression OCD maternal mental health Omaha psychology free events prevention

Local Therapist, Mom-Blogger Shares Her PPD Story

Stats say that one in 7 women in the U.S. suffers from some form of maternal mental illness. And that's only the ones we know about. So many women struggle and suffer in silence, on their own. Let's stop that now. Join us Monday, December 7th 6-7.30 pm at the studio.

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upright birth positions benefits of upright birth position reduce pain during pushing pelvic floor health and pushing during labor and delivery childbirth Omaha birth resources

Reduce the Risk of Peeing Your Pants After Birth or Pushing Position Matters

AAAHHHCHOOOO! Whoops! I just peed a little. Darn that supine birthing position!

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breastfeeding breast milk breast pump pumping when you go back to work returning to work after maternity leave low milk supply problems with pumping i hate my breast pump help with pumping help with breastfeeding in Omaha metro area lactation consultant breastfeeding support near Omaha Nebraska breast milk is best breastfeeding is normal how to pump better how to get more milk when you pump resources for Omaha moms mother motherhood new baby nursing support tips for going back to work

2 Tips for Pumping When You Go Back to Work

Ah, the breast pump... Friend and foe of mother's every where...

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3 Reasons Pre & Postnatal Cardio & Strength Go So Well Together…

In the past we've separated prenatal and postpartum moms into different cardio and strength training classes. NO MORE!!

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how to choose a midwife ob/gyn omaha nebraska new moms first time mom first pregnancy finding an obstetrician finding a doctor prenatal care better birth experience

8 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

We hear from mom's all the time, "I"m pregnant and I want to be healthy, but what do I do first??" So here is a basic list to help you get started.

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pelvic health pelvic floor disorders incontinence flatter abs postpartum recovery menopause women's sexual health physical therapy transition to exercise group fitness depends incontinence supplies natural remedies for incontinence no medication no surgery uterine prolapse leak when I laugh sneeze cough jump Omaha Nebraska women's health

What about all those pelvic floor workouts I see online?

There is so much health and fitness information online, sometimes it's hard to tell the BEST from the rest. Moms come into class all the time asking about this or that "pelvic floor workout" their friends are doing. They want to know.. is it safe? is it effective?

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dads father's day 2015 Omaha Mommy Fitness dad's

hApPy fAtHeR’s dAy, Mommy Fitness dads!

We wouldn't be moms without you.

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improve your birth experience Omaha Nebraska natural childbirth education knowledge labor delivery fitness comfort measures

one after another… here they come!!

After celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we are - needless to say - excited to see the fruit of our labors!

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baby shower cake

Baby Showers and Breastfeeding. Oh Yeah.

A few weeks ago we hosted a baby shower for one of our pregnant mamas. It was so much fun! Her friends & family gathered in for an afternoon of cookies, cake & classic shower games.

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tai chi omaha nebraska fitness for women of all ages cross-generational classes babywearing west Omaha women's gyms near Millard Oakview Mall Tai Chi for Balance meditation focus slow movements gentle exercise Penny Albers wellness alternative health

BrAiN & bOdY – my first time trying tai chi

I remember watching Tai Chi on public television as a kid in the early 90's. The twangy, relaxy Asian inspired music. The gloriously 70's clothes. I always thought, "Huh, look at those crazy hippies." Fast forward 20 years later and I find myself rolling out of bed & pulling on some yoga pants & flip-flops at 7 am (before my eyes were even open) and heading out to my first Tai Chi class.

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tai chi yoga for women omaha

A BUSY Weekend for the Mommy Fitness Team!

Help us celebrate our 1st Anniversary! This weekend is for getting out and about with Mommy Fitness!

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mom life baby and me yoga massage Omaha

Mom-Life and Self-Care

I know our children come first. But why do we completely forget about ourselves?
There is a quote by Jennifer Louden that I keep coming back to, “Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent. We cannot nurture others from a dry well. We need to take care of our own needs first, then we can give from our surplus, our abundance.”

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mom workout Omaha Nebraska bring my kids to the gym

Getting Better All the Time… Changes to Come in 2015

We’ve had such an amazing first six months! With the coming of the New Year, we are excited about the changes to come! We are changing up the schedule; bringing in some new team members and making a few changes to help us better serve you.

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have a better birth experience birth well workshop with julie summers learn how to move during labor and delivery techniques to help you have less pain in labor birth delivery how to make your birth easier importance of strength training during birth workshops and classes for pregnant women to help with childbirth labor learn movements to help labor progress get stalled labor started again protecting your pelvic floor during labor pushing delivery how different personalities prepare for birth what to expect during labor birth early labor when to go to the hospital

What’s the Deal with Doulas?

Doula... doula... I know you've been hearing that word more and more lately. When you're having coffee with girl friends & they're talking about it, you just smile and nod like you're in the know (but secretly you have no idea what they're talking about and now too much time has passed to ask). No worries. We'll let you in on the (surprisingly misunderstood) world of doula-ing.

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Simple Traditions to Help You Avoid the Toy-nado

Every year we say the same thing. “Don’t go overboard on the gifts for the kids.” “They have so much already!”
And every year the tree is piled with gifts and at least one toddler has a breakdown from all the excitement.
But not this year. Not at our house. (At least that’s the goal!)

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total control woman in field

Prepare for Retirement

From a young age many of us hear, “Start saving for retirement early!” Advice about financial planning for the future is everywhere you turn - in your Google ads, on TV, from family and friends. Even if we aren’t always the best at sticking to our savings plan, we are at least aware of it. We see it as a necessary part of aging that we can control (most of the time). But incontinence is something we think we can do nothing about.

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What You Don’t Know about Pregnancy & Abdominal Health

Diastasis recti is extremely common. Most women don't know they have it or even what it is. Most of the time it is small and heals on it's own. However, in some cases it seriously compromises abdominal strength and can lead to incontinence, pelvic and lower back pain.

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Morning Sickness

Got the Morning Sickness Blues?

Morning sickness is the worst. I know women who have had multiple pregnancies and no morning sickness. "I've never felt better than when I'm pregnant!" they say to me. Lucky ladies! My oldest sister had such severe morning sickness with her first pregnancy, she would keep a stash of plastic grocery bags in her car. She couldn't stand up, sit down, or turn her head for weeks without being overcome with nausea.

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personal training wellness consulting diastasis recti pregnancy exercise prenatal personal training small group training group fitness outdoor classes consultation wellness omaha west midtown millard women's exercise gym lift weights cardio yoga mommy and me tai chi pelvic health postpartum recovery and support babies kids toddlers childcare best quality education experience moms motherhood mothers girls positive friendly get in shape after baby post baby workouts fitmoms

The Most Common Myth About Pregnancy & Exercise

I've heard it said recently (and often) that "pregnant women can safely do ANY exercise they did before they were pregnant." Although pregnant women are incredibly strong and can be very fit, there are common exercises that should be avoided. Every woman should have access to the best information before beginning prenatal exercise.

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Dream a little Dream…

You've spent nine months getting rest, eating right and exercising and now the day you've waited for is here. Your amazing little one is finally home and somehow... it's not quite the way you imagined it. You've heard that there will be sleepless nights, but how long can a person really run on the occasional nap?

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mom workout Omaha Nebraska bring my kids to the gym

Play isn’t just fun, it’s necessary

One of my favorite Sunday morning activities is lying in bed with a cup of coffee, my Sudoku book and listening to On Being on KIOS. The show is always interesting and thought-provoking, but this one particularly caught me. The topic for the day was PLAY.

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Mom and daughter enjoy Baby&Me Yoga together. Copyright 2017 Mommy Fitness

Baby&Me Yoga Now Available Thursday Evening

Due to popular demand, we have added a Thursday evening Baby&Me Yoga class. Class runs from 5.45 to 6.30 pm at the studio. This is a great way to model healthy habits for your child and promote bonding as well. All birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and children 6 weeks to age 3 are welcome!

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personal training wellness consulting diastasis recti pregnancy exercise prenatal personal training small group training group fitness outdoor classes consultation wellness omaha west midtown millard women's exercise gym lift weights cardio yoga mommy and me tai chi pelvic health postpartum recovery and support babies kids toddlers childcare best quality education experience moms motherhood mothers girls positive friendly get in shape after baby post baby workouts fitmoms

The Most Unique Personal Training in Omaha

When you go to a big box gym and sign up for a personal trainer you get some basic instruction and guidance on how to use equipment, set goals, etc. The basics. But personal training with a trainer from Mommy Fitness is so much more than that.

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baby and me yoga west Omaha in Millard near 144th and W Center Rd

Down To Business

Now that the grand opening festivities have come and gone, it's time to get down to business! Thank you to everyone who joined us last Friday night for our open house and ribbon cutting. We had so many wonderful families and care providers attend!

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Grand Opening Friday June 13!!

The sign is up, the A/C repaired and rocking sound system installed. After months of hard work we are finally ready to show our beautiful studio to the world!

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Dancing for Birth prenatal exercise pregnancy exercises fitness how to workout during pregnancy

Why a soft opening?

Eventful. This is an understatement. We opened our studio on May 5, a soft opening, a quiet opening. We just started. Now I am understanding how truly genius this choice was! We have had water dripping from the AC, the AC has worked on and off, mostly off. Our studio floor, damaged by the water, is being replaced. Someone hacked into our website and put a pornographic phone number in place of our legitimate number. A few of

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You are a DANCER!

I just saw you flinch. Please read on.....

I've always been curious by the idea of belly dancing. My sis-in-law Kat belly dances and has beautiful pictures in total costume... feathers, beads, exotic make-up and an absolutely voluptuous gorgeous body. Belly dancing, in our culture, is a bit.... interesting for most people, but when I heard about the history of this dance, the celebration of all things feminine, the powerful and play

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Why Mommy Fitness?

I love being a mom. I have loved every stage of being a mom. My three sons are 18+ and I'm well out of the child bearing years, but I remember well my once healthy "pre-mom" lifestyle. I also remember the complete upheaval of routine when our little ones came along. The small town YMCA where I worked out, and sat afterwards in the sauna for a little treat, became a memory with sleep deprivation

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