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Our Vision

To change the way women in our society view their bodies & their births.


Our Mission 

As a team of highly-educated and passionate women, we strive to help the women in our community:

1.  Approach birth with confidence, not fear

2.  Train their bodies & their minds in preparation for birth & parenting

3.  Take a balanced approach to health & wellness

4.  Navigate the transitions of their lives (motherhood/menopause)

5.  Learn to listen to & trust their own bodies & minds


We’re not a gym.

We’re not like any place you’ve been before.

We don’t follow the fitness trends.

Our programs are a mix between the latest in evidence-based fitness & birth research AND the valuable mother/birth wisdom that is making a come back in our culture.

We constantly work with local & national experts to help us combine principals of restorative/corrective fitness, preventative fitness, pelvic health, natural childbirth, and Postural Restoration. This unique combination brings you fitness programs that will help you be healthy, feel good, & keep up your active lifestyle for years to come. We are determined to help you avoid/rehab the common fitness related problems that can so greatly affect your quality of life.

Mommy Fitness is Omaha’s first specialized prenatal and postpartum fitness studio providing new and not-so-new moms with the special attention, education and encouragement they need to get fit and stay fit.  We also cater to mamas wanting to get fit before pregnancy!

All of our instructors and personal trainers are experienced, nationally certified, highly educated, and passionate about helping women.  They are here to help you get strong and fit (without injury!) while supporting you prenatal, postpartum, & beyond!

Please join us!

Just wanted to let you know that we delivered a beautiful baby girl last Monday… a couple days after my last prenatal yoga class with you! The delivery went better than I ever thought possible & I just wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for the education & training you’ve provided these last few months.  Thank you for your insight & wisdom.  Thank you for the classes that helped prepare my body physically for the birthing process.  I know it made a huge difference!  ~Terry C.