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Just wanted to let you know that we delivered a beautiful baby girl last Monday … – she came 9 days early, a couple days after my last pre-natal yoga class with you!  It was a very quick delivery.  My water broke at 3am on that Monday, we got to the hospital at 4am, I was 6 cm at 6am, & 10 cm at 8am.  ‘She’* was here shortly after 10am.  The delivery went better than I ever thought possible & I just wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for the education & training you’ve provided these last few months.  Thank you for your insight & wisdom.  Thank you for the classes that helped prepare my body physically for the birthing process. I know it made a huge difference! I can’t wait for you to meet ‘her’*!


My husband and I hired Julie Summers to provide her services as a doula for the birth of my first child in November, 2014. Julie made herself available to us throughout my pregnancy, meeting with us to discuss labor and delivery options and my goals for the pregnancy, as well as via phone and e-mail, at any time. My husband and I felt comfortable with, and nurtured by Julie from our very first meeting together. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meetings as Julie was always engaging and provided insightful wisdom which helped to further shape my goals for the upcoming labor.

Julie came to our home and provided comfort during the tedious late night hours. She worked with me to help me find comfortable positions to labor in and offered welcome relief for my husband who was able to rest while she worked with me. During active labor, Julie’s strength was a welcome relief when mine was waning. She never wavered in her ability to steady and comfort me. She took charge when the situation demanded direction in a way that was never authoritative or commanding, but always comforting and supportive. Julie guided me through labor by suggesting laboring positions that aided in the progression of my labor which provided a source of mental strength for me.

Julie’s knowledge of the birthing process was beyond valuable as multiple, unforeseen interventions were needed during my labor. Julie’s calm demeanor and ability to explain each option to us in a clear and concise manner eliminated much of the potential distress in an already stressful situation.

Without Julie’s knowledge, strength, and nurturing my labor would have required significantly more interventions and would have been a significantly more stressful experience for myself and my husband. I cannot sing her praises highly enough as her support enabled me to have the best possible labor and delivery I could have imagined.


I struggled with stress incontinence not after the birth of baby number two, but with my first!!! I had been living with it secretly for three and a half years. I was a runner before becoming pregnant but the embarrassment of leaking with my new postpartum body was so overwhelming and such a confidence buster, I quit running.  All the enjoyment was gone every time I soaked through. I tried physical therapy but gave up on it. I tried a Kegel app but ignored the reminders. Everyone I talked to brushed it off like it was just a mom problem and totally normal. Then I met Julie. She understood the quality of life I was missing… I’m so much more aware of my body and what it needs now… I am finally running dry again for the first time in three and a half years! The excitement the first run was so much that I wanted to shout to all the passers-by and point to my shorts and say, “See!?!? Still dry!”

… I wanted more people to know what a big deal this is. Three and a half years of restructuring my life around bathroom locations and squatting in the trees to avoid leaking while running. Serious quality of life upgrade.

Mommy Fitness is the one place in town where I can recover my pelvic floor strength and watch my second baby boy flirt with the instructor at the same time. Julie is very open and as a mom herself, she’s seen it all.

Mary Jo

Absolutely love it! Great work out with excellent instructors and I get to bring my baby girl.

Kendell S.

I first met Julie and found out about her Mommy Fitness classes at the Omaha Baby Fair.  I was working at a vendor booth and couldn’t actually see her lead the demo class on the stage; I could only hear her as she instructed the ladies in various exercises.   I knew right away, just from listening, that she was a great trainer who truly loved working with women.  When I met Julie later, it was evident to me that she had a passion for helping women achieve healthy fitness goals and that she truly has a heart for mommies.  Our conversation put me at ease immediately, and I even told her, “I would like to stop peeing my pants when I cough or laugh!”  So, you might say that she made me feel comfortable right of the bat – hahaha!  Julie creates and facilitates classes that: cater to each woman’s needs, take into account current fitness level, and work the total body in a fun way.   Julie cares about you personally and this shows through her encouraging words, in her flexibility to customize exercises, and through her inclusion of relaxation time in the class.  I HIGHLY recommend Julie’s Mommy Fitness – she not only has expertise and a passion for women’s fitness but also, and most importantly to me, an awareness of what it is like to have your body change so much as a mommy.

Taron B.

I met Julie pre-pregnancy, while taking a Zumba class she instructed.  I loved her enthusiasm, positivity, and energy; so when she told me about her prenatal classes, I was instantly on board.  The classes were fun, yet I knew I was getting a good workout.  I loved the many options for each fitness level and stage of pregnancy.  I wholeheartedly believe that this class is what got me through my pregnancy feeling great and gave me the stamina I needed for labor.

I also took advantage of the Mommy and Me Stroller class.  My son loves being outside and I love being able to get in a workout without finding a sitter.  I can’t thank Julie enough for her continued support, her expertise and commitment to safe pre/postnatal fitness health.

Cathy H.

Mommy Fitness is a get way to get moving again after having a baby and bring the little one along too!  Mommy Fitness has helped me to regain core strength, increase endurance and lose weight.

Samantha C.

I met Julie while doing some research online after I had my daughter while trying to find gyms or exercise classes where I was able to bring my new baby along; I found nothing.  Until Julie came along! I enjoy being with my 15-month daughter as much as possible and simply didn’t trust leaving her in a room without me present with someone I had never met before as some of the gyms offer.  I love Julie’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and energy; and she is a natural with children!  The classes are fun, but also a super good workout and I could care for my daughter at the same time. On top of that my daughter is able to see me being healthy which is a life lesson I want her to have as she gets older as well.

I also participated in the Mommy and Me Stroller classes last summer/fall and loved it!   My daughter loves being outside and I love being able to get in a workout without finding a sitter.   I can’t thank Julie enough for her continued support and commitment to mommies being able to work out and still be moms!

Christy H.

Mommy and me fitness has been wonderful!  It’s a great workout that will really help you get back into shape.  It’s so nice you can bring the kids and they can play and are entertained while you work out!  I have loved all the classes and they have really helped me get back into shape.

Leigh D.

I took a Mommy Fitness  perinatal exercise class after having my third child.  I also had had two recent back surgeries and needed a class that would accommodate my physical limitations. The instructor offered all low-impact options and alternative exercises and stretches that fit my needs perfectly. We would do a warm-up, a cardiovascular section, a strength training section, and a cool-down and stretch. The strength training included Kegel exercises, which helped my postnatal recovery immensely.  During our stretch, we would do a bit of yoga. This was extremely relaxing after a long day of caring for my children.  The instructor would turn the lights off and allow us to breathe deeply in silence and stretch. She would often close with an encouraging word or reading that pertained to motherhood.  After each class, my heart was lifted and my body felt invigorated.
I battled postpartum depression with my first two children.  I strongly believe I did not experience PPD after my third child because of this exercise class. After the endorphin release from class, I felt refreshed to face another day, physically and emotionally.  I would strongly recommend this perinatal exercise class to any woman preparing for pregnancy, who is pregnant, or is recovering from delivery.  Mommy Fitness has  excellent instructors and went above and beyond my expectations!

Rebecca P.

When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to remain physically active without causing harm to the baby or myself.  I had a difficult time finding a fitness facility or trainer in Omaha who was educated in prenatal exercise, more than just the basic prenatal yoga class.  Then I found Julie!  From the first training session I felt that Julie cared for me (and my baby) more than just a client; she was concerned for our health physically, mentally, and emotionally.  On the days I felt great Julie would challenge me and on the days I didn’t have any energy left, Julie altered the workout to accommodate my energy level.  I always left Mommy Fitness sessions feeling accomplished and refreshed!  Julie possesses the perfect combination of education, fitness, positivity, and perception.  I encourage you to try Mommy Fitness to see for yourself!  

Stephanie M.

I knew it was time to get back to better fitness after receiving the unexpected but very exciting news of pregnancy, however, after 2 – 3 years of not doing much, I wasn’t sure there was a “place” for me.  I then found Julie’s website for Mommy Fitness and after a few email exchanges and a brief orientation with Julie, I knew the Perinatal Fitness classes would be perfect for me.  Julie answered all my questions, provided guidance and made me feel comfortable with my choice of exercising during pregnancy.

Julie does a great job of providing a very comfortable and fun atmosphere.  She does an excellent job of teaching fitness to meet an individual’s fitness level and stage of pregnancy.  I’m currently taking both Total Body Conditioning and Perinatal Yoga and am loving both classes.  I’m feeling stronger and more confident in myself and my pregnancy.  I actually look forward to attending each class!

Alicia R.

Mommy Fitness’ perinatal fitness class is wonderful. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the workouts are tailored to each expecting mama’s level of comfort.  I joined with the simple goal of maintaining my fitness level during my second pregnancy, but have been happily surprised to see improvements in my strength and cardio levels that I know will serve me well during my labor. Each class ends with a few minutes of relaxation and meditation and I always look forward to the closing thoughts, which usually inspire the rest of my week.  If you are expecting, whether for the first time or the fourth, take advantage of this great class!

Judy B.

I was a 55 year old female who had lost motivation to diet and exercise, and hated looking at my body in the mirror. I didn’t want to simply shed a few pounds,  I wanted to improve my overall health.  Julie realized I didn’t want to exercise vigorously and wasn’t interested in going to the gym, so we scheduled the appointments at my home.  She designed an easy to follow exercise routine targeting my core and arms, which doesn’t take very long to complete.  Julie is a professional who has a great understanding of overall health which includes having a good attitude, eating right, and exercise. Julie worked with me on a weekly basis and came up with several tips and activities to improve my overall health.  Julie has been a perfect match for me, she has taken the time to get to know me, and understand my particular obstacles.  After a few consultations and exercise coaching,  I started feeling much better about myself.

*We respect the privacy of our clients by omitting children’s names & personal details. All testimonials are posted with the express consent of those providing them.