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Finding Your Tribe

Posted on: April 29th, 2017 by Julie 43 Comments

I don’t like the word tribe. Every time I see a meme on Facebook (gasp…even on the Mommy Fitness page) that tells me to “find my tribe,” my stomach turns over just a little. I don’t like the word tribe. I’m not a tribal girl... But then again, maybe I am.

3 Ways to Find a Little Hygee in Your Day

Posted on: March 28th, 2017 by Julie 57 Comments

Hygee. Kinda looks like hygiene, which would be good to incorporate in your life too, but it’s not that word. (As moms we all know it can be easy to get so busy you forget about yourself, while taking care of littles.) But we’re not talking about hygiene. So what is hygee? It is finding pleasure in the simple things in life and embracing the moment.  It’s about connection with yourself and those around you.

Meet Joanna: Behind the Blog

Posted on: February 17th, 2016 by Joanna Murnan 96 Comments

Hello mamas! There are some exciting changes coming to Mommy Fitness this Spring. New classes, new workshops, and even a few new team members! This is where I come in - my name is Joanna, and I'll be joining the Mommy Fitness crew behind the blog!

4 Things I love about my job: a post by Lynn

Posted on: December 21st, 2015 by Julie 44 Comments

For those of us who work full-time, outside of the home - it can be easy to become dissatisfied with the day to day of the business world. But...

Even more of what you love about Prenatal Yoga with Julie…

Posted on: November 19th, 2015 by Julie 1 Comment

Our moms say it all the time. "I've never been to a prenatal yoga class like this before."

Reduce the Risk of Peeing Your Pants After Birth or Pushing Position Matters

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015 by Julie 40 Comments

AAAHHHCHOOOO! Whoops! I just peed a little. Darn that supine birthing position!

8 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 by Julie 1 Comment

We hear from mom's all the time, "I"m pregnant and I want to be healthy, but what do I do first??" So here is a basic list to help you get started.

hApPy fAtHeR’s dAy, Mommy Fitness dads!

Posted on: June 19th, 2015 by Julie 44 Comments

We wouldn't be moms without you.

Baby Showers and Breastfeeding. Oh Yeah.

Posted on: June 13th, 2015 by Julie 46 Comments

A few weeks ago we hosted a baby shower for one of our pregnant mamas. It was so much fun! Her friends & family gathered in for an afternoon of cookies, cake & classic shower games.

BrAiN & bOdY – my first time trying tai chi

Posted on: June 8th, 2015 by Julie 43 Comments

I remember watching Tai Chi on public television as a kid in the early 90's. The twangy, relaxy Asian inspired music. The gloriously 70's clothes. I always thought, "Huh, look at those crazy hippies." Fast forward 20 years later and I find myself rolling out of bed & pulling on some yoga pants & flip-flops at 7 am (before my eyes were even open) and heading out to my first Tai Chi class.