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Wellness Services

for all phases of motherhood

Featuring Pelvic Floor Restore & AbMend!

What are these amazing programs??

Pelvic Floor Restore is a low impact fitness and educational program developed by Julie Summers. The program combines a pelvic strengthening regimen, an invigorating total body workout, and valuable education all into one!

AbMend for Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation is a personal study & exercise course. You’ll meet with Julie once a month for an hour to check on your progress and make your plan for the following month.


Is Bladder Leakage Normal?

Is bladder leakage normal? Commercials on TV these days and rows upon rows of convenience store aisles filled with incontinence products would lead you to believe it is! But believe it or not, bladder leakage is NOT just "part of being a woman."

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Finding Your Tribe

I don’t like the word tribe. Every time I see a meme on Facebook (gasp…even on the Mommy Fitness page) that tells me to “find my tribe,” my stomach turns over just a little. I don’t like the word tribe. I’m not a tribal girl... But then again, maybe I am.

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Pelvic Floor Restore

AbMend for Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation 

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